Casa del Mantegna

Last update 1 February 2023

Via Acerbi, 47


Ticket office and information

Phone: +39 0376 360506


Website: Casa del Mantegna


Public Transport

From Piazza Sordello (A) you can travel on APAM line: 4T
From the railway station (B) you can travel on APAM lines: 8 / 9

All APAM buses are equipped with a lifting platform and there is a voice announcement service for stops on urban routes. At the moment, in order to receive adequate assistance, notification of the intention to use the service is required no later than two working days before use.

For further information, please visit: APAM– Servizi per la mobilità

By car

There are several parking areas near the Temple of San Sebastiano, including reserved parking spaces (marked on the map).



Entrance to the building

In the areas surrounding the Casa del Mantegna there is a system of signs and tactile routes that can facilitate orientation for blind and visually impaired persons.


For those coming from the car parks in Viale Risorgimento, the pavements are only wide enough to allow one wheelchair to pass. The situation is the same on the pavement in front of the entrance to the building.

Ticket office

The reception desk is high for a person in a wheelchair, so you may need the help of a companion or to ask the staff on duty to leave their workstation.

Visitor route

Ground Floor: The interior spaces are easily accessible to everybody, free of architectural barriers and adequately sized. As this space is dedicated to temporary exhibitions, there may be reductions in the size of passageways during some exhibitions, but minimum requirements are guaranteed.


Another landmark of the House is its round inner courtyard, which can be accessed via a small step, which can only be overcome with the help of an accompanying person. The paving is made of cobblestones, which means it is not easily accessible to everyone.


First Floor: The upper floor can be accessed via a double flight of stairs with handrails. There is also an elevator platform for the disabled but it is not very wide (less than 75 cm) or deep (about 120 cm). It has a swing door opening and, bearing in mind that it faces the stairs, the manoeuvring space for a wheelchair to enter is limited.



There are toilets in the basement, including those accessible by people with disabilities (as indicated by law). They are accessible either via a double flight of stairs or the elevator platform described above.

Additional facilities

There are no additional facilities.

Due to the temporary nature of the exhibitions hosted, the accessibility of each exhibit must be verified on a case-by-case basis.