“Gino Baratta” Media Library

Last update 1 February 2023

Corso Garibaldi, 88


Phone: +39 0376 352711
E-mail: biblioteca.baratta@comune.mantova.it

Website: “Gino Baratta” Media Library

The Library website offers various options to improve the legibility of content (contrast, font size, ...). The “LIBRARY WITHOUT BARRIERS” page, in the “PROJECTS” section of the menu on the left of the website, offers information on the facilities offered for extended use of the library's contents.


Public Transport

From Piazza Sordello (A) you can travel on APAM lines: CC / Te Shuttle Service
From the railway station (B) you can travel on APAM lines: CC/ 8/ 5

All APAM buses are equipped with a lifting platform and there is a voice announcement service for stops on urban routes. At the moment, in order to receive adequate assistance, notification of the intention to use the service is required no later than two working days before use.

For further information, please visit: APAM - Servizi per la mobilità

By car

There are several parking areas near the Baratta Library, including reserved parking spaces (marked on the map).



Entrance to the building

The main entrance is on Corso Garibaldi and has three steps with a handrail on the left. Turning onto Via Gradaro, there is a second entrance (next to two parking spaces reserved for disabled badge holders), which is flat and can be accessed by pressing the bell. To exit, it is necessary to ask the library staff to open the gate.

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Spaces inside the building

The main areas of the library are located on the ground floor of the building, where there is the lending desk, which may be high for some users, and some study stations. There is a study room on the upper floor, which can also be reached by lift.

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To use the materials on display, it is necessary to request the assistance of the staff on duty.

The large inner courtyard, where various events are organised, is completely level and accessible via paved paths at the sides and in the middle.


The toilets are accessible by people with disabilities (as indicated by law).

Additional facilities

The Baratta Library offers a range of facilities to ensure the usability of its contents for blind and visually impaired people. The following facilities are located on the ground floor:

1) Computer station, on the ground floor, equipped with: reading and voice synthesis system; screen reader; Braille display bar; Braille printer; facilitated keyboard with large keys; magnifying software.

2) Station for the visually impaired, in the newspaper room on the ground floor, equipped with: desktop monochrome video enlarger, portable colour video enlarger (available upon request).

3) Alternative reading section, on the ground floor, equipped with: large print books; audio books.

For more information, consult the “LIBRARY WITHOUT BARRIERS” page at the following link: Library Without Barriers