Move around the city

Last update 20 July 2022


By train

Mantua railway station presents excellent accessibility and is equipped with signs created especially for visually-impaired passengers, three lifts to the platforms with Braille buttons and an acoustic signal, an access ramp (on the right side of the front of the station), and automatic doors.

The counter is 90 cm high. There is a glass panel between the customer and staff, and loudspeakers are used to communicate. Ticket machines are available with a keyboard positioned at a height of 100 cm.

More information on accessibility and assistance is available at: Rete Ferroviaria Italiana Lombardia Facile

Public Transport

The CC (Circular) line runs from the railway station and stops in the city centre (Via Verdi and Piazza Concordia).

All APAM buses are equipped with a lifting platform and there is a voice announcement service for stops on urban routes. At the moment, in order to receive adequate assistance, notification of the intention to use the service is required no later than two working days before use.

For further information, please visit: APAM - Servizi per la mobilità

By car

The city centre lies largely within the ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone) area. To enter the ZTL it is necessary to have a special pass, issued by ASTER. Registration plates associated with disabled badges issued by a municipality other than Mantua can access the ZTL by notifying the Municipal Police in advance, by filling in the on line form Prenotazione ZTL Pass Disabili or by writing to

A free shuttle bus service operates daily from the Campo Canoa and Te car parks (Piazzale Montelungo) to the city. Routes and times: APAM - Orari linee

For further information on traffic and parking in Mantua, visit: ASTER Mantova


Radiotaxi covers the entire Mantua area -  tel. + 39  0376 368844. In compliance with municipal regulations, the taxi service is accessible to all disabled persons (it is advisable to phone Radiotaxi to check accessibility depending on your needs). Drivers are obliged to accept the transport of guide dogs for the blind.


There are automatic toilets in: Piazza Virgiliana, Piazza Lega Lombarda, LungoLago Gonzaga, Giardini Te. The toilets are accessible by people with disabilities (as indicated by law) and are always open to the public. 

In the old town (Via Goito), there are public toilets in a structure which, being subject to historical protection, cannot be made accessible to persons with motor disabilities.

Opening hours: ASTER Mantova - Bagni pubblici


Facilitated guide

The facilitated guide to Mantua “In Virgil's footsteps” (only in Italian), produced by the Italian Association of People with Down Syndrome Mantua and the X-fragile Syndrome Association, is available online: AIPD Mantova - Sulle orme di Virgilio.

Tourist guide for physical impairments

“In Carrozza” an accessible tourist guide to Mantua (only in Italian) written by Associazione Pepitosa in carrozza, offers information on accessibility for people in wheelchairs or with other physical-motor limitations, and is available to purchase from bookshops.